Learn the Science of WOW

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Strenghtening The Imagination

On May 14th Jill McAbe gave a talk at MIT that sparked new possilibities around a popular topic. In it, she shared an inspiring new way to think bigger and get going on your goals without willpower. Backed by science.

We are releasing this video free here, this July, 2024

Learn an energizing new way to see beyond your current reality, think outside the box and engage with more intrinsically motivating personal, professional, and collective possibilities.

Why Jill Created

the WOW Method

The WOW method as an evolution of the MOMA framework taught in her popular goal setting courses and in her bestselling book, It's Go Time.

Here are the key reasons why she created WOW:

To Simplify Goal Setting:

The WOW method is designed to be less technical and more accessible than the MOMA method. While MOMA involves detailed steps and regular appointments, WOW focuses on creating emotionally charged, affirming statements that make goals feel achievable and motivating without the need for extensive technical processes.

To Encourage Big Thinking:

McAbe noticed that many people were not thinking big enough when setting their goals. The WOW method encourages individuals to envision their goals as already achieved, helping them to think bigger and aim higher. This aligns with the idea of creating "hot goals" that elicit strong emotional responses and become the automated focus of attention.

To Enhance Emotional and Sensory Engagement:

The WOW method emphasizes the importance of engaging emotions and senses. By vividly imagining the success of achieving a goal and connecting with the positive emotions associated with it, individuals can program their subconscious more effectively. This approach taps into the brain’s natural mechanisms, making goal achievement feel more natural and less effortful.

To Foster Intrinsic Motivation:

WOW statements are designed to spark intrinsic joy and satisfaction. When goals are aligned with an individual's values and passions, and they imagine them as already achieved, it taps into a deep well of intrinsic motivation. This makes pursuing goals more enjoyable and sustainable, reducing reliance on willpower and external rewards.

To Align Conscious and Subconscious Goals:

The WOW method helps bridge the gap between conscious goals and subconscious programming. By using positive, affirming language and visualization techniques, the WOW method ensures that both conscious and subconscious minds are aligned towards the same objectives. This alignment is crucial for sustained motivation and effective action.

To Leverage Neuroscience:

The development of the WOW method is grounded in contemporary neuroscience research. By understanding how the brain processes goals, motivation, and reward, McAbe created a method that leverages these insights to enhance goal attainment. Techniques like visualization, positive affirmation, and regular emotional engagement are all supported by neuroscience as effective ways to reprogram the brain for success.

In summary, while the MOMA method provides a structured and detailed approach to goal setting, the WOW method simplifies the process, making it more emotionally engaging and accessible.