Jill McAbe is the founding partner and CEO of True2Brand, a progressive Marketing Accelerator that assists business owners and innovators in developing effective marketing and sales engines for IP-based products and services. The True2Brand approach is geared towards establishing marketing that is both enjoyable to do and leads to predictable sales. Before founding True2Brand, McAbe was a celebrated as a top education entrepreneur to watch by Entrepreneur Magazine for her business and marketing courses that focused on helping professionals and entrepreneurs develop new products and services, or refine their current offerings.

Prior to her years as an independent business and marketing educator and coach, Jill McAbe served as a Leadership trainer at the Schulich Executive Education Centre and worked as a consultant specializing in change leadership. Her book, 'It’s Go Time,' has repeatedly been an Amazon bestseller. Jill first earned her stripes as an innovator and business owner while co-owning and operating a celebrated restaurant in Toronto, Canada, with her twin brother, who was the chef. (Pre Internet Days!) Their pioneering 'trust the chef' dining concept not only made it one of Canada’s top restaurants but also lead to features in Gourmet Magazine, Food and Wine, Toronto Life, and dozens of foodie publications worldwide. For her work as a business educator, Jill has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive, Authority Magazine, and on many podcasts and radio shows within the entrepreneurship and productivity spaces.

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Outside of her professional life, Jill is an avid reader and meditator who enjoys exploring nature with her mini-aussiepoos. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University and now resides on Vancouver Island, where she continues to embrace her passion for the outdoors.

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