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Shawna Robbins

Author of Powerful Sleep, Founder of Kaia Health, Signature Program: Health, Your True Wealth

I first met Jill at my publisher's book launch in March of 2020. I was struggling to develop a signature program, so I decided to join her flagship program, Basecamp.


Basecamp gave me the skills and confidence to create a successful online program aligned with my purpose, which is a joy to run every day.


Basecamp helped me to create a powerful business design which ensured my successful outcome. Plus, the community of like-minded people in my co-hort was pivotal to creating a space of openness, learning and growth. They have become some of my closest friends now.


If you are looking for a business design expert, mentor, coach and teacher, then look no further. Basecamp was an investment that pays big dividends.

Libby Wildman

Founder of The Collective, Senior Partner Davis Rae, Creator of Liminal Escapes (Custom Retreats)

Jill is life changing in person at running retreats and also in her virtual program Basecamp.


I had a dream for helping people connect and feel they belong through self exploration, at least 5 years ago!


It took taking Jill’s Basecamp program to give me the confidence and the tools to move forward to make this a reality.


I highly encourage anyone who is on the fence to set up a call and explore your possibilities with Jill.


I took my dream of running retreats to help people find their life purpose and creating a business around it, to having my first reateat in less than 3 months.


Connect with Jill! You will be happy you did. Thanks Jill! Libby


Rosa Edinga

Women entrepreneur supporter. Communication skills geek. Chocolate eater. Book devotee. Ice cream mom. Founder at Life Unmuted Inc. Signature Program: Unmuted

When I made the decision to take Basecamp I, and my business were at a cross roads. While I enjoyed working with my coaching clients, it was no longer lighting me up.


Quite frankly, exchanging services for an hourly rate was no longer serving my bottom line, or my life.


I was yearning for something different but the problem was that I didn't know what that "something different" was exactly. I was stuck where I was, and didn't have a clear picture of where I wanted to go.


By the end of Basecamp, I knew what my purpose was, and had developed a business that was fully aligned to my purpose.


Not just a business concept - an actual business with clear and measurable outcomes, a positioning strategy and a detailed execution plan!

Tyler Buechler

Author of Start if Now, Founder of Start IT Now! Consulting, Signature Program: Fearless: Launch Your Tech Idea Now!

Jill is an absolute master of her craft and her knowledge of the human mind and its potential will astound you.


If you work for yourself and have been trying to figure out what to do with your business to make it more valuable her system for figuring out your best business and how to grow it quickly is second to none.

Jill has an ability to communicate on a personal level with everyone she works with and knows how to get YOU results.


I truly believe that you can not find a better solution to grow your business than Jill McAbe.

Tony Holmes

Engineering Manager, Google

Former: Netflix, Linkedin, Riot Games

After 50 years of life and training with some of the best through the companies I worked with, Jill removed the biggest barrier to success – myself. ​


With her methodical science-based process, I understood the mechanisms of high-performance in a brand new light. 


Jill is a master of making the complex accessible. She'll teach you things you didn't know you needed to know and link together concepts you thought you knew in ways that will empower you like never before.


Since taking her program I've become unstoppable. No matter how much you've accomplished upon entering her world, you'll be capable of way more once you do.


Everyone needs to learn this system. 

Hiral Dossa

HiralD - Luxury Cashmere

I came across Jill on Skillshare and I loved the way she taught. I decided to take her program after she confirmed that I didn’t need a business background to succeed in her program. Jill's program helped me start the business of my dreams. (MINDCODE® is a powerful tool as well!) I love it.


Michelle Stuart

NLP Coach - MNLP, TLT, CHt, HC

Before working with Jill - I had all but given up on my passion (coaching).I was feeling stuck with prioritizing other people’s dreams over my own.


After taking her course, not only do I feel the life being breathed back into my coaching, but I also have a clear path toward living a life I had only dreamt of before.


I get to do what I am most passionate about, I am finally on track to making coachng my primary source of income AND am well on course to living a life of my choosing within this year! 


If you had told me I’d be saying this even 2 months ago - I wouldn’t have believed you, yet here I am today actually LIVING it!


Jill is a badass trailblazer.


My advice - if you have the opportunity to work with her- take it. When you apply yourself using her tools - there is nothing you can’t achieve. 


Marianne Wisenthal

Digital Producer & Content Creator

Before I worked with Jill, I was making money and meeting client's needs, but I rarely thought ahead and wasn't really enjoying my work.


 Within 3 years of taking her program I've tripled my sales. This didn't come from working MORE, but being clearer about my goals, and how to achieve them. 


Whether you're just starting your business, or 20 years in, I would recommend Jill's book and her courses to any entrepreneur who is looking to make their business work for them

Bettina Bogar


Before I signed up to Jill's program, I had no idea where to go, what to do - I felt like I was stuck in really bad traffic. After finishing her program, everything made sense again.


I had my very own navigation system running: we didn't just figure out what my destinations are, but also had very clear directions on how to get to them. It's been only a month into this year, and I have already conquered two of my  goals for the year - thanks to Jill. 


Seriously, her tools are genius, and if you're willing to put in the work, they will totally transform your business as well.

Christine Cowern

Christine Cowern Real Estate

Jill took what was a very scattered, unstructured goal and turned it into a concrete, usable vision that led to achieving even greater sales goals.


By using her proven MINDCODE® method for programming our brains for success, we felt unstoppable! It was nothing short of a game changer.


Jill is a rockstar when it comes to coaching entrepreneurs. I would highly recommend that you work with Jill. If you're looking for a way to fuel your growth. then you've found it.  


Thank you, thank you, thank you Jill!


Janet Zuccarini

CEO, Gusto 54

Jill was instrumental in transitioning my company from a single restaurant to what is now a global restaurant group.

Jill is a true master of business development.