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Collaboration Essentials

Simple strategies to work with others and get better work done

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Collaboration Essentials

Simple strategies to work with others and get better work done

Do you want to improve your performance and productivity when working with others?

I think the biggest misunderstanding about effective collaboration and high-performing teams is that they get along and never have any friction and the work just flows.

But that's not how it really works.

Different personality / and working styles are essential to creating a greater quantity of higher quality work - with less effort invested so successful collaboration is about understanding you want different styles in your group, and how to do great work anyway!

In this class you will learn 6 tools to improve your productivity when working with a team.

1. How to get started/or reset with a team to set yourself up for success.

2. The 4 working styles and how to play a team to its strengths.

3. The 3 laws of more productive meetings.

4. A decision structure to say goodbye to analysis paralysis and make better decisions.

5. Communication techniques for building rapport & changing minds.

6. The #1 proven way to improve motivation.

The tools in this course are for anyone who wants to bring out the best in groups, including:

▶︎ team players who want to be their best with others

▶︎ team leaders who want to create high-performing teams

▶︎ freelancers or people who work with clients

▶︎ new or established business owners and entrepreneurs

▶︎ anyone looking to do a project with a friend or family member

All of us want to succeed and get along with others. We want to be in situations where we can do our best. We want to collaborate with people who are doing their best.

The six essentials you will learn in this class will serve as a framework of core techniques on which you continue to add.

There is an African proverb that captures the spirit of this class, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


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