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Wise Decisions

Sharpen your decision making skills with the ABCD Decisions Tool

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Wise Decisions

Sharpen your decision making skills with the ABCD Decisions Tool

You make decisions all day long. Some are simple. Coffee or tea? Buy that new shirt or not? Other times you must make a choice with lasting implications for your future: Should you go back to school? Take that job? Marry that person? Go into business for yourself?

Decisions big and small can leave you feeling stuck in circles, like a hamster on a wheel. You second guess yourself, and you're worried you'll make the wrong decision before you even start − or worse, that you’ll make a decision that could lead to failure.

How can you ensure you're making the best possible choice every time?

I teach entrepreneurs and executives how to make consistently better personal and business decisions, supported by decision theory that’s rooted in psychology and behavioral science.

Good-decision making is a skill you can develop that will have a positive effect on the rest of your life.

In this course you'll discover:

▶︎ The common mistakes people make when making decisions

▶︎ The 4-step (ABCDecisions™) model that will make it easier for you to make better decisions

▶︎Immediate things you can stop and start doing to improve your decision making from now on

Decision making is a critical success-skill that will have you getting more out of your life. Ready to make a great decision? One your future will thank you for?


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