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  • Janet Zuccarini, CEO, Gusto 54

    Jill was instrumental in transitioning my company from a single restaurant to what is now a global restaurant group (including a restaurant regarded as one of LA’s current hot spots).

    Jill is a true master of business development. Jill worked individually and at a group level within the organization to train and develop my team, by way of strategic planning, goal setting, accountability and metrics to measure financial goals.

    We benefited tremendously through working with Jill and the result is that my business has been taken to a much higher level.

  • Guy Ozery, CEO, Ozery Bakery

    We had the pleasure working with Jill on vision development and organization structure after a period of sustained growth in our company.


    Her process helped us work as a leadership team to refocus on our highest priority goals, clarify our leader's roles and areas of accountabilities. Working with Jill enabled us to strengthen our ability to perform as a team.

    What stands out about Jill is how down to earth, effective and practical her methods are. I have grown to deeply respect Jill as a person and I highly recommend her services to any organization ready to take their results to the next level.

  • Vadim Vilensky, Entrepreneur, Exclusive Sport Rentals

  • David Farnell & Lulu Cohen-Farrell, Entrepreneurs, Real Food for Real Kids

    Jill really knows her stuff. She helped us bring clarity to our management structure, communication processes and our overall approach to organizing our company.


    She provided informative and enjoyable workshops for our team along with tools and resources that we continue to use in our day to day activities.


    We wholeheartedly recommend Jill McAbe for any organization on a fast growth trajectory.

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