Crystallize Your Vision And Strategy.

Build Your Business Faster.

Dear entrepreneurs, small business owners and solo service providers,


I created the Maverick’s Manifesto program for you. Ordinary business owners meander and shoot for the middle. Mavericks commit and set their targets high.


Harvard and other top business schools show that companies with visions out perform the market by 2 - 12 times.


Maverick business owners are not only 100% clear on their vision, mission, difference, and strategy... they also have world class meta-time tools to help them achieve any project.


If you have a team of 2-25: get in touch to inquire about arranging a private Maverick's process.


If you are a solo service provider: I offer the Maverick's Manifesto program three times a year in an online, small group format just for you!

As a Maverick, you will be surrounded by 
other ambitious consultants, coaches, freelancers, creative professionals and small business owners who want to establish themselves amongst the top in their category — so you'll be in excellent company as I help you flesh out your 100% unique Manifesto for your business!


Wondering whether the Maverick's Manifesto is right for you?

To find out, I invite you to register for the free LIVE class below...

Service Professionals
and Creatives:

This DIY lesson on how to develop your Vision and Strategy is FREE... but it's ONE DAY ONLY.

The Maverick’s Manifesto Vision and Strategy Development Program is opening for enrolment on October 6. Unlike many business building programs on the web, spots are limited to ensure you get personal attention every step of the way. 


Your vision and strategy are the most critical questions you answer about your professional future. Get them wrong and you will lose precious time (often even years) working on sub-optimal goals.


Rise Above is an interactive lesson that teaches you valuable DIY Vision and Strategy development tools you can put to use right away! Learn the harsh truths that are holding most business owners back and how — when properly developed — your Vision and Strategy will always lead you to achieve up to a proven 2-12x more than the competition.


What You Will Learn: 


During this interactive live session, you will learn the two ways most business owners waste their precious time and how it ends up costing them dearly (not even the CEOs I’ve worked with could answer these questions with certainty).

  • How to Develop a Vision (and Why You Underperform Without One)
  • What Elements You Need in Your Strategic Plan and Why

You Do Not Need This Program If: 

  • You have a clear vision (big dream) for your future
  • You have a long term plan for how to achieve your vision
  • You know your life purpose 
  • You enjoy what you do and the clients you serve
  • You are excited to work toward your goals every day
  • You have a concise and enticing way of introducing yourself 
  • Everyone in your network knows what business to send you
  • You are confident you're on track for your retirement

Please Note: Providing personalized attention for each student is a defining feature and priority of the Maverick’s Manifesto program; as such enrolment is available on a first come first serve basis. Unfortunately, this means attendance at the Rise Above event does not guarantee you a spot in the Maverick's program. However, I guarantee you will walk away from this live, interactive event having learned valuable DIY vision and strategy development tools you can put to use right away! 

Register Today For This Free LIVE event:

October 6, 2018 from 11 AM 12:30 PM

Why Service Entrepreneurs Struggle To Rise Above; And How Mavericks Do.

I've seen this program described as a roadmap to get you where you want to be. I think it's better described as an expressway.

Shakirah Dawud, Deliberate Ink

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